1990 electric utility resource planning and

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Unformatted text preview: of physical distribution and logistics management, July-August, volume 27, numbers 7-8, p475 Hambrick, D.C. and Snow, C.C., 1977, A contextual model of strategic decisionmaking in organisations, Academy of Management Proceedings, pp109-112 Hammersley, M., 1992, What’s wrong with ethnography?, Routledge, London Hammersley, M. and Atkinson, P., 1983, Ethnography: Principles in Practice, Longman, London Hammond, J., Keeney, R., Raiffa, H., 1999, Smart Choices, Harvard Business School Press Hammond, J., 1967, Better decisions with preference theory, Harvard Business Review, November-December, pp123-141 Hammond, P., 1964, (editor), Sociologists at work, Basic Books, New York Harper, J., 1984, Measuring Business Performance, Institute of Manpower Studies Series No. 7, Gower Publishing Company Ltd., England 227 Harrison, E. F., 1995, The managerial decision-making process, Houghton-Mifflin, USA Harrison, E.F., and Pelleteir, M.A., 2000, Levels of strategic decision success, Management Decision, 29th February, volume 38, number 2, pp107-118 Hart, S.L., 1992, An integrative framework for strategy making processes, Academy of Management Review, 17, pp327-351 Hart, S. and Banbury, C., 1994, How Strategy-Making Processes Can Make a Difference?, Strategic Management Journal, 15, pp251-269 Hershey, J.C., Kunreuther, H.C., and Schoemaker, P.J.H., 1982, Sources of bias in assessment procedures for utility functions, Management Science, 28, pp936-954 Hespos, R.F., and Straussman, P.A., 1965, Stochastic Decision Trees in the Analysis of Investment Decisions, Management Science, number 10, pp244-259 Higson, C., 1995, Business Finance, 2nd Edition, Butterworths, London Hirst, E., and Schweitzer, M., 1990, Electric-utility resource planning and decisionmaking, Risk Analysis, 10, pp137-146 Hitt, M.A. and Tyler, B.B., 1991, Strategic decision models: Integrating different perspectives, Strategic Management Journal, 6, pp171-180 Hogarth, R.M., 1987, The psychology of judgement and choice, 2nd Edition, JosseyBass, San Francisco Holmes, P., 1998, Investment Appraisal, International Thomson Business Press, London Hoover’s on-line business network, http://www.hoovers.com Hora, S.C., Dodd, N.G., and Hora, J.A., 1993, The use of decomposition in probability assessments of continuous variables, Journal of Behavioural Decision-making, 6, pp133-147 Hosseini, J., 1986, Decision Analysis and its Application in the Choice between Two Wildcat Oil Ventures, Interfaces, 16 (2), pp75-85 Howard, R.A., 1988, Decision analysis: Practice and Promise, Management Science, volume 34, number 6, June 1988, pp679-695 Howard, R.A., 1968, The foundations of decision analysis, IEEE Trans. Sys. Sc. Cyb. SSC-4, pp211-219 Hull, J.C., 1977, Dealing with dependence in risk simulations, Operational Research Quarterly, 28 (1), pp201-213 228 Humphreys, P., 1980, Decision Aids: Aiding Decisions in Sjoberg, L., Tyszka, T., Wise, J.A., (editors), Human Decision-making, Bodfors, Doxa Humphreys, P., and Berk...
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