1995 between paralysis by analysis and extinction by

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Unformatted text preview: 78 Kester, W.C., 1984, Today’s options for tomorrow’s growth, Harvard Business Review, March – April Keynes, J.M, 1921, A treatise on probability, Macmillan, London Kim, S.H., Farragher, E.J. and Crick, T., 1984, Foreign capital budgeting practices used by the US and non-US multinational companies, Engineering Economist, 29(3), pp207-215 Kimbrough, S.O., and Weber, M., 1994, An empirical comparison of utility assessment programs, European Journal of Operational Research, 75, pp617-633 Kleinmuntz, D.N., 1990, Decomposition and the control of error in decision analytic models, in Hogarth, R. (editor), Insights in decision-making: A tribute to Hillel J.Einhorn, pp107-126, University of Chicago Press, Chicago Kleinmuntz, D.N., Fennema, M.G., and Peecher, M.E., 1996, Conditional assessment of subjective probabilities: Identifying the benefits of decomposition, Organisational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes, 66, pp1-15 230 Krantz, D., Luce, R.D., Suppes, P. and Tversky, A., 1971, Foundations of measurement, Volume 1, Academic Press, New York Kunreuther, H.C., and Schoemaker, P.J.H., 1980, Decision analysis for complex systems integrating descriptive and prescriptive components, Working paper, Department of decision sciences, University of Pennsylvania Laherrére, J., H., 1999, Reserve Growth: Technological Progress or Bad Reporting and Bad Arithmetic, Geopolitics of Energy, April Laing, A., 1997, Marketing in NHS Trusts: Adoption and Adaptation of Marketing Concepts in a Public Sector Setting, unpublished Ph.D. Thesis, University of Aberdeen Lamb, F.E., Simpson, G.S., Finch, J.H., 1999, Methods for evaluating the worth of oil and gas reserves, Geopolitics of Energy, April Langley, A., 1995, Between “paralysis by analysis” and “extinction by instinct”, Sloan Management Review, volume 35, number 3, pp63-77 Langley, A., 1989, In search of rationality: The purposes behind the use of formal analysis in organisations, Administrative Science Quarterly, 34, pp598-631 Laplace, P.S., 1812, Philosophical essay on probability, Paris, Chapter 18 Lathrop, J.W., and Watson, S.R., 1982, Decision analysis for the evaluation of risk in nuclear waste management, Journal of Operational Research Society, 33, pp407-418 Leach, C., 1979, Introduction to Statistics, Wiley, Surrey Lefley, F., and Morgan, M., 1999, The NPV Profile: a creative way of looking at NPV, Management Accounting, June, volume 77, issue 6, p39 Lehmann, E.L., and D’Abrera, H.J.M., 1975, Non-parametrics: Statistical Methods Based on Ranks, Holden-Day Inc., San Francisco Leonard-Barton, D., 1990, A Dual Methodology for Case Studies: Synergistic use of a Longitudinal Single Site with Replicated Multiple Sites, Organisational Science, volume 1, number 3, pp248-266 Leslie, K.J., and Michaels, M.P., 1997, The Real Power of Real Options, McKinsey Quarterly, number 3 Levin, J. and Fox, J., 1988, Elementary statistics in social research, fourth edition, Harper and Row, Lichenstein, S., Fischoff, B., and Phillips, L.D., 1982, Calibration of Probabilities: The State of the Art to 1980, in Kahneman, D., Slovic, P...
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