2000 the value of decision analysis at eastman kodak

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Unformatted text preview: e, London Campbell, C.J., 1997, The Coming Oil Crisis, Multi-Science Publishing Company and Petroconsultants, S.A. Capon, N., Farley, J.U., and Hulbert, J.M., 1994, Strategic Planning and Financial Performance: More Evidence, Journal of Management Studies, 31(1), pp105-110 221 Carr, C., and Tomkins, C., 1998, Context, culture, and the role of the finance function in strategic decisions. A comparative analysis of Britain, Germany, the U.S.A. and Japan, Management Accounting Research, 9, pp213-239 Chakravarthy, B.S., and Doz, Y., 1992, Strategy process research: Focussing on corporate self-renewal, Strategic Management Journal, 13, pp5-14 Chang, R.Y., and Morgan, M.W., 2000, Performance Scorecards: Measuring the Right Things in the Real World, HR Magazine, August, volume 48, issue 8, p170 Chapman, L.J., and Chapman, J.P., 1969, Illusory correlation as an obstacle to the use of valid psychodiagnostic signs, Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 74, pp271-280 Child, J., 1974, What Determines Organisation Performance? The Universals vs. the itall-depends, Organisation Dynamics, 1, pp2-18 Child, J., 1972, Organisational structure, environment, and performance: the role of strategic choice, Sociology, 6, pp2-21 Clemen, R., 1999, Does Decision Analysis Work? A Research Agenda , Furqua School of Business, unpublished, first presented at a seminar at the University of Texas, Austin, April, 1996 Clemen, R., Jones, S.K., and Winkler, R.L., 1996, Aggregating Forecasts: An empirical evaluation of some Bayesian Methods, in Berry, D., Chaloner, K., and Geweke, J., (editors), Bayesian Statistics and Econometrics: Essays in Honor of Arnold Zeller, pp2-13, Wiley, New York Clemen, R., and Kwit, R.C., 2000, The Value of Decision Analysis at Eastman Kodak Company, 1990-1998, forthcoming in Interfaces Cohen, M. S., 1989, A database tool to support probabilistic assumption based reasoning in intelligence analysis, Proceedings of the 1989 Joint Director of the C 2 Symposium, Ft. McNair, VA, June, pp27-29 Cohen, M.S., Schum, D.A., Freeling, A.N.S., and Chinnis, J.O., 1985, On the art and science of hedging a conclusion: A cognitive approach, Falls Church, Decision Science Consortium Cooper, M. and Burford, S., 1999, Murchison Field: “doing things better”, published in the proceedings of Reservoir Management of Mature Fields , SPE Aberdeen Section, 29th September Copeland, T., Koller, T., Murrin, J., 1990, Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value in Companies, John Wiley and Sons, New York City 222 Corbin, R.M., 1980, Decisions that might not get made, in Wallsten, T., (editor), Cognitive Processes in choice and decision behaviour, Hillsdale, New Jersey, Erlbaum Cyert, R.M., and March, J.G., 1963, A Behavioural Theory of the Firm, Prentice Hall Das, T.K., Gosavi, A., Mahadevan, S., Marchalleck, N., 1999, Solving Semi-Markov Decision Problems Using Average Reward Reinforcement Learning, Management Science, volume 45, number 4, April Daft, R.L., 1985, Why I recommend that your manuscript be rejected...
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