and lioukas s 1996 do early perceptions of strategic

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Unformatted text preview: analysis of capital budgeting methods used by multinationals, Financial Management, Winter, pp37-41 O’Mahoney, J., K., 1998, Messy Methodologies: A Case Study, Working Paper 303, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick Odell, P., 1995, The world is running out of oil not into it, International Energy Workshop held at the Institute for applied system analysis, 20-22 June Okley, J., 1994, Thinking through fieldwork, in Bryman, A. and Burgess, R.,G., editors, Analysing Qualitative Data, pp18-33, Routledge, London 234 Oransanu, J., and Connolly, T., 1993, The reinvention of decision-making, in Klein, G.A., Oransanu, J., Calderwood, R., and Zsambok, C., (editors), Decision-making in action: Models and methods, pp3-20, Ablex Publishing, Norwood, New Jersey Ordonez, L., and Benson, L., 1997, Decisions under time pressure: how time constraints affect risky decision-making, Organisational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes, 71 (2), August, pp121-140 Orton, J., 1997, From inductive to iterative, Scandinavian Journal of Management, volume 13, number 4, pp419-438 Otely, D., 1997, Better Performance Management, Management Accounting, volume 74, number 1, p44 Otis, R.M., and Schneidermann, N., 1997, A Process for Evaluating Exploration Prospects, The American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin , volume 81, number 7, July, pp1087-1109 Paddock, J. and Siegel, D.R., and Smith, J.L., 1988, Option Valuation of claims on real assets: The case of offshore petroleum leases, The Quarterly Journal of Economics, August, pp479-507 Papadakis, V., 1998, Strategic Investment Decision Processes and Organisational Performance: An Empirical Examination, British Journal of Management, volume 9, number 2, pp115-133 Papadakis, V., and Lioukas, S., 1996, Do early perceptions of strategic decisions influence strategic processes? An empirical investigation, Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, Cincinnati, Ohio, pp46-50 Pearce, J.A. II, Robbins, K.D., and Robinson, R.B. (Jr.), 1987, The Impact of Grand Strategy and Planning Formality on Financial Performance, Strategic Management Journal, 8, pp125-134 Pearson, E.S., and Tukey, J.W., 1965, Approximating Means and Standard Deviations Based on Distances between Percentage Points of Frequency Curves, Bimetrika, 52, number 3-4, pp533-546 Peterson, C.R., and Beach, L.R., 1967, Man as an intuitive statistician, Psychological Bulletin, 68, pp29-46 Pettigrew, A., 1973, The politics of organisational decision-making, London, Tavistock Pfeffer, J., 1981, Power in organisations, Marshfield, MA: Pitman 235 Pfeffer, J., and Salancik, G.R., 1978, The external control of organisations: A resource dependence perspective, Harper and Row, New York Phillips, L.D., 1989, Decision analysis in the 1990’s, in Shahini, A. and Stainton, R., (editors), Tutorial papers in operational research 1989, Operational Research Society Pike, R. and Neale, B., 1997, Corporate Finance and Investment. Decisions and Strategies, 2nd Edition, Prentice Hall, London. Polyani, M.,...
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