A 2000 factors influencing creativity in the domain

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Unformatted text preview: ion in organisations as signal and symbol, Administrative Science Quarterly, 27, pp171-186 Ferner, A., 1989, The Research Process in the Cross National Industrial Relations Case Study: A personal account, paper originally prepared for a talk to doctoral researchers at the Centre for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences , Insituto de Juan March de Estudios e Investigaciones, 12th April Financial Times, http://www.ft.com 224 Finch, J.H., and McMaster, R., 2000, On non-parametric statistical inference in the pursuit of causal explanations, submitted to the Cambridge Realist Workshop Reunion Conference, May De Finetti, B, 1964, Foresight: Its logical laws, its subjective sources, in Kyberg, A., and Smoker, E., (editors), Studies in Subjective Probability, (essay originally published, 1937, Wiley) Fischer, G., 1977, Convergent validation of decomposed multi-attribute utility assessment procedures for risky and riskless decisions, Organisational Behaviour and Human Performance, 18, pp295-315 Fischer, G., 1975, An Experimental Study of Four Procedures For Aggregating Subjective Probability Assessments, Technical Report 75-7, Decisions and Designs, Inc., Washington D.C. Fischoff, B., 1982, Debiasing, in Kahneman, D., Slovic, P., Tversky, A., (editors), Judgement under uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases , pp422-444, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Fischoff, B., 1980, Decision Analysis: Clinical Art or Clinical Science, in Sjoberg, L., Tyszka, T., Wise, J.A., (editors), Human Decision-making, Bodfors, Doxa Fletcher, A.J.P., and Dromgoole, P., 1996, Current Practices of handling subsurface uncertainty, unpublished Juniper Document MR9501/08, October Ford, C.M. and Gioia, D. A., 2000, Factors influencing creativity in the domain of managerial decision making, Journal of Management, July, volume 26, number 4, pp705-732 Ford, C.M., 1989, Creativity in managerial decision-making: An examination of factors that influence the creativity of managers’ decisions , Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Pennsylvania State University, University Park Fredrickson, J.W., 1985, Effects of Decision Motive and Organisational Performance Level on Strategic Decision Processes, Academy of Management Journal, 28(4), pp821-843 Fredrickson, J.W., 1984, The Comprehensiveness of Strategic Decision Processes: Extension, Observations, Future Directions, Academy of Management Journal, 27(3), pp445-466 Fredrickson, J.W., and Iaquinto, A.L., 1989, Inertia and Creeping Rationality in Strategic Decision Processes, Academy of Management Journal, 32(4), pp516-542 225 Fredrickson, J.W., and Mitchell, T.R., 1984, Strategic decision processes: comprehensiveness and performance in an industry with an unstable environment, Academy of Management Journal, 27, pp399-423 French S., 1989, Readings in decision analysis, Chapman and Hall Ltd., London French, S., 1984, From decision theory to decision analysis, in Eglese, R.W and Rand, G.K, (editors), Developments in Operational Research, pp77-87, Pergamon Press, Oxford Galbraith, J.R., 1973, Designing Co...
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