E and borcherding k 1973 the assessment of subjective

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Unformatted text preview: 1966, Personal Knowledge: Toward a Post Critical Philosophy, University of Chicago Press, Chicago Priem, R.L., 1990, Top Management Team Group Factors, Consensus, and Firm Performance, Strategic Management Journal, 11, pp469-478 Priem, R.L., Rasheed, A.M.A., and Kotulic, A.G., 1995, Rationality in Strategic Decision-making Processes, Environmental Dynamism and Firm Performance, Strategic Management Journal, 11, pp469-478 Prudential Securities, 2000, http://www.prudentialsecurities.com/ Quinn, J.B., 1980, Strategies for change: Logical incrementalism, Homewood, Il: Irwin Raiffa, H., 1968, Decision analysis: Introductory Lectures on choices under uncertainty, Addison-Wesley Raiffa, H., and Schlaifer, R., 1961, Applied statistical decision theory, Harvard Business School Press, Massachusetts Rajagopalan, N., Rasheed, A.M.A., Datta, D.K., 1993, Strategic Decision-making Processes: Critical Review and Future Directions, Journal of Management, volume 19, number 2, pp349-384 Ramsey, F.P., 1926, Truth and probability, reprinted Kyburg, H.E., and Smokler, H.E., (editors), Studies in subjective probability, 1963, Wiley Rose P.R., 1987. Dealing with risk and uncertainty in exploration: how can we improve?, The American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin , volume 71, number1, pp1-16. Ross, D., 1997, Portfolio management applied in the oil industry, TNO internal report, NITG 97-293-B Rossman, G. B., and Rallis, S.F., 1998, Learning in the field: An introduction to qualitative research, Sage, Thousand Oaks, California Saaty, T.L., 1980, The Analytic Hierarchy Process, Planning Priority Setting and Resource Allocation, Mc-Graw Hill, New York 236 Savage, L.J., 1954, The foundations of statistics, Wiley, New York Schafer, R.E., and Borcherding, K., 1973, The assessment of subjective probability distributions: A training experiment, Acta Psychologica, 37, pp117-129 Schendel, D.E., and Hofer, C.W., editors, 1979, Strategic Management: a New View of Business Policy and Planning, Little Brown, Boston Schoemaker, P.J.H., 1995, Scenario Planning: A tool for strategic thinking, Sloan Management Review, 36(2), pp25-50 Schuyler, J.R., 1997, Best practices in project evaluation and influence on company performance, Journal of Petroleum Technology, August, pp818-834 Schweiger, D.M., Sandberg, W.R., and Ragan, J.W., 1986, Group Approaches for Improving Strategic Decision-making: A comparative analysis of Dialectical Inquiry, Devil’s Advocacy, and Consensus, Academy of Management Journal, 29(1), pp57-71 Seaver, D. A., 1978, Assessing Probabilities with Multiple Individuals: Group Interaction Versus Mathematical Aggregation, Technical Report SSRI-78-3, Social Science Research Institute, University of South California, Los Angeles Shackle, G.L.S., 1974, Decision: The human predicament, Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 412, March Shaffir, W., B., Stepbins, R., A., and Turowetz, A., 1980, editor, Fieldwork Experience: Qualitative Approaches to Social Research, St. Martin’s Press, New York Shao, L.P., and Shao, A.T., 1993, Capital bud...
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