G and simon ha 1958 organisations wiley new york

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Unformatted text preview: ., and Tversky, A., (editors), Judgement Under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases , Cambridge University Press, New York 231 Lichenstein, S., and Slovic, P., 1971, Reversals of preference between bids and choices in gambling decisions, Journal of Experimental Pscyhology, 89, pp 46-55 Lindman, H.R., 1971, Inconsistent preferences among gambles, Journal of Experimental Psychology, 89, pp390-397 Lipshitz, R., and Strauss, O., 1997, Coping with uncertainty, Organisational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes, 69 (2), pp149-163 Lipshitz, R., and Ben Shaul, O., 1997, Schemata and mental models in recognition primed decision-making, in Zsambok, C., Klein, G.A, (editors), Naturalistic Decisionmaking, pp292-303, Hillsdale, New Jersey, Erlbaum Lohrenz, J., and Dickens, R.N., 1993, Option Theory for Evaluation of Oil and Gas Assets: The Upsides and Downsides, SPE 25837, paper prepared for presentation at the Society of Petroleum Engineers Hydrocarbon and Evaluation Symposium held in Dallas, Texas, 29-30 March Lothian, N., 1987, Measuring corporate performance, The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants MacCrimmon, K.R., and Wehrung, D.A., 1986, Taking Risks, Free Press, New York MacGregor, D., and Lichenstein, S., 1991, Problem structuring aids for quantitative estimation, Journal of behavioural decision-making, 4, pp101-116 MacGregor, D., Lichenstein, S., and Slovic, P., 1988, Structuring knowledge retrieval: An analysis of decomposing quantitative judgements, Organisational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes, 42, pp303-323 Madden, T.J., Hyrnick, M.C., Hodde, J.A, 1983, Decision Analysis use to evaluate air quality control equipment for the Ohio Edison Oil company, Interfaces, 13(1), pp66-75 March, J.G., and Simon, H.A., 1958, Organisations, Wiley, New York Management Accounting, 1997, FDs call for new criteria for measuring company performance, September, volume 75, number 8, p10 Markides, C.C., 1999, A dynamic view of strategy, Sloan Management Review, Spring, volume 40, issue 3, p55 Markland, J.T., 1992, Options Theory: A new way forward for exploration and engineering economics?, SPE 24232, paper prepared for presentation at the Society of Petroleum Engineers Oil & Gas Economies, Finance and Management Conference held in London, 26-29th April Markowitz, H. M., 1952, Portfolio Selection, Wiley, New York 232 Mason S., and Merton, R.C., 1985, The role of contingent claims analysis in corporate finance, in Altman, E. and Subrahmanyam (editors), Recent Advances in Corporate Finance, Homewood, Il: Richard D. Irwin Maykut, P., and Morehouse, R., 1994, Beginning Qualitative Research A philosophical and practical guide, The Falmer Press McCaskey, M.B., 1986, The executive challenge: Managing change and ambiguity, Harper Business Press McCunn, P., 1998. The balanced scorecard, Management Accounting, volume 75, issue 11, p40 Meehl, P.E., 1978, Theoretical risks and tabular asterisks, Sir Karl, Sir Ronald, and the slow progress of soft psychology,...
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