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Unformatted text preview: ssessment of computer aided decision analysis, Decision Sciences, 17, pp572-588 Aldrich, H.E., 1979, Organisations and environments, Englewood Cliffs, Prentice Hall, New Jersey Allaire, Y., and Firsitrotu, M.E., 1989, Coping with strategic uncertainty, Sloan Management Review, 3, pp7-16 Allais, M., 1953, Le comportement de l’homme rationnel devant le risque: Critique des postulates et aximoes de l’ecole americaine, Econometrica, 21, pp503-546 Allias, M., and Hagen, J., editors, 1979, Expected utility hypotheses and the Allais paradox, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, Reidel Anderson, B.F., Deane, D.H., Hammond, K.R., and McClelland, G.H., 1981, Concepts and Judgement in Decision Research, Praeger, New York Argote, L., 1982, Input uncertainty and organisational co-ordination in hospital emergency units, Administrative Science Quarterly, 27, pp420-434 Argote, L., Seabrigh, M.A., and Dyer, L., 1986, Individual versus group use of base rate and individuating information, Organisation Behaviour and Human Decision Processes, 38, pp65-75 Armstrong, J.S., Denniston, W.B., and Gordon, M.M., 1975, The use of decomposition principle in making judgements, Organisation Behaviour and Human Decision Processes, 14, pp257-263 Arnold, G.C., Hatzopoulous, P.D., 2000, The theory-practice gap in capital budgeting: Evidence from the United Kingdom, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, June, volume 27, numbers 5 and 6, pp603-626 Atrill, P., 2000, Financial Management for Non-spets, Second Edition, Prentice Hall, England Bailey, B., Couet, B., Lamb. F., Rose, P., and Simpson, G., in press, Taking a Calculated Risk, Oilfield Review Ball, B.C. and Savage, S.L., 1999, Holistic vs. Hole-istic E&P Strategies, SPE 57701, Journal of Petroleum Technology, September, pp74-84 Barley, S., 1995, Images of imaging: notes on doing longitudinal fieldwork, in Huber, G. and Huber, G. and Van de Ven, A. (editors), Longitudinal Field Research Methods: Studying processes of organisational change, Sage, London Baumard, P., 1999, Tacit Knowledge in Organisations, Sage Publications, London 219 Bavishi, V.B., 1981, Capital budgeting practices at multinationals, Management Accounting, August, pp32-35 Baxter, M. and Rennie, A., 1996, A financial calculus: An introduction to derivative pricing, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Bechofer, F., 1974, Current Approaches to empirical research: some central ideas, in Rex, J., (editor), Approaches to Sociology: an introduction to major trends in British Sociology, Routledge, Kegan Paul, London Bell, C. and Encel, S., 1978, (editors), Inside the Whale, Peragamon Press, Oxford Bell, C. and Newby, H., 1977, (editors), Doing Sociological Research, Allen&Unwin, London Bernoulli, D., 1738, Specimen theoriae novae de mensura sortis, translated by Louise Sommer published in Econometrica, volume 22, 1954, pp23-36 Bernoulli, J., 1713, Ars conjectandi tractatus de seribus infinitis, Basel Bernstein, P.L., and Silbert, T.H., 1984, Keeping Informed, Harvard Business Review, 62(5), pp32-40 Black, F. and S...
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