J 1960 decisions under uncertainty oil and gas

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Unformatted text preview: mplex Organisations, Addison-Wesley, Reading, Mass. Galli, A.G., Armstrong, M. and Jehl, B., 1999, Comparison of three methods for evaluating oil projects, Journal of Petroleum Technology, October, pp44-50 Gans, J.S., 1999, Limited information, the possibility of rational choice and contingent coping valuation method, International Journal of Social Economics, January, volume 26, number 23, pp402-414 Gigerenzer, G., 1991, How to make cognitive illusions disappear: Beyond “heuristics and biases”, European Review of Social Psychology, 2, pp83-115 Gigerenzer, G. and Hoffrage, U., 1995, How to improve Bayesian Reasoning without instruction: Frequency Formats, Psychological Review, 102, pp684-704 Gill, J. and Johnson, P., 1991, Research Methods for Managers, Paul Chapman Publishing, London Gluyas, J.G., Hichens, H., Evans, I.J. and Hogg, A.J.C., (editors), 2001, Oil and gas fields of the United Kingdom Continental Shelf, Geological Society, London Goldstein, W.M., and Einhorn, H.J., 1987, Expression theory and the preference reversal phenomena, Psychological Review, 94, pp236-254 Goll, I., and Rasheed, A.MA., 1997, Rational Decision-making and Firm Performance: The moderating role of environment, Strategic Management Journal, 18(7), pp583-591 Goodwin, P., and Wright G., 1991, Decision analysis for management judgement, John Wiley&Sons Limited, Chichester, England Gough, R., 1975, The Effects of Group Format on Aggregate Subjective Probability Distributions, Utility, Probability and Human Decision-making, Reidel, Dordrecht, Holland Grandori, A., 1984, A prescriptive contingency view of organisational decisionmaking, Administrative Science Quarterly, 29, pp192-209 226 Grayson, C.J., 1960, Decisions under uncertainty: oil and gas drilling decisions, Harvard University Press, Cambridge Grether, D.M., and Plott, C.R., 1979, Economic theory of choice and the preference reversal phenomenon, American Economic Review, 69, pp623-638 Grinyer, P.S., McKiernan and Yasai-Ardekani, M., 1988, Market Organisational and Managerial Correlates of Economic Performance in the U.K. Electrical Engineering Industry, Strategic Management Journal, 9, pp297-318 Grinyer, P.S., and Norburn, D., 1977-78, Planning for existing markets: an empirical study, International Studies in Management and Organisation, 7, pp99-122 Gunn, B., 2000, Decisions, Decisions, Decisions, Strategic Finance, volume 81, issue 7, p14 Gustafson, D.H., Shukla, Delbecq, A., and Walster, G.W., 1973, A Comparative Study of Differences in Subjective Likelihood Estimates Made by Individuals, Interacting Groups, Delphi Groups, and Nominal Groups, Organisational Behaviour and Human Performance, 9, pp200-291 Gutleber, D.S., Heigerger, E.M., Morris, T.D., 1995, Simulation Analysis for Integrated Evaluation of Technical and Commercial Risk, Journal of Petroleum Technology, December, p1062 Halley, A., and Guilhorn, A., 1997, Logistic behaviour of small enterprises: performance, strategy and definition, International journal...
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