K and pindyck rs 1998 the options approach to capital

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Unformatted text preview: and what you can do about it, Cummings, L.L., Frost, P.P. (editors), Publishing in the Organisational Sciences, Richard D. Irwin, Homewood, Illinois Datastream, http://www.datastreaminsite.com Dawes, R.M., 1988, Rational Choice in an Uncertain World, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, San Diego, California Dean, J.W. and Sharfman, M.P., 1996, Does decision process matter? A study of strategic decision-making effectiveness, Academy of Management Journal, April, volume 39, number 2, pp368-97 De Morgan, A., 1847, Formal Logic: The calculus of inference, necessary and probable, London Denzin, N.K., 1978, Sociological Methods: A Sourcebook, McGraw-Hill, New York Department of Trade and Industry, 2000, UK Energy in Brief, http://www.dti.gov.uk Department of Trade and Industry, 1999, The oil and gas industry Task Force Report A Template for Change, pp1-2 Department of Trade and Industry, 1998, The Energy Report, volume 2, The Stationery Office, London Dess, G.G., 1987, Consensus on Strategy Formulation and Organisational Performance: Competitors in a Fragmented Industry, Strategic Management Journal, 8, pp259-277 Dess, G.G. and Origer, N.K., 1987, Environment, Structure and Consensus in Strategy Formulation: A Conceptual Integration, Academy of Management Review, 12(2), pp313-330 Dess, G.G., and Robinson, R.B., 1984, Measuring Organisational Performance in the Absence of Objective Measures: The case of the privately-held firm and conglomerate business unit, Strategic Management Journal, 5, pp265-273 223 DeWoot, P., Heyvaert, H., and Martou, F., 1977-78, Strategic Management: An empirical study of 168 Belgian Firms, International Studies of Management and Organisation, 7, pp60-75 Dixit, A.K. and Pindyck, R.S., 1998, The options approach to capital investment, in Rutherford, J. (editor), Financial strategy: Adding Stakeholder Value, Wiley, Chichester Dixit, A.K., and Pindyck, R.S., 1994, Investment Under Uncertainty, Princeton University Press Drury, C., 1985, Management and Cost Accounting, von Nostrand Reinhold, Wokingham Edwards, W., 1954, The theory of decision-making, Psychological Bulletin, 41, pp380417 Ekenberg, L., 2000, The logic of conflicts between decision making agents, Journal of logic and computation, volume 10, number 4, pp583-602 Eilon, S. and Fawkes, T.R., 1973, Sampling Procedures for Risk Simulation, Operational Research Quarterly, 24, number. 2, pp241-252 Eisenhardt, K.M., 1989, Making fast decisions in high velocity environments, Academy of Management Journal, 32, pp543-577 Eisenhardt, K.M. and Bourgeois, L.J., III, 1988, Politics of strategic decision-making in high velocity environments: Towards a midrange theory, Academy of Management Journal, 31, pp737-770 Energy Day, 2000, Oil age leaking away, 3rd July Etzioni, A., 1991, Humble Decision-making, The logic of business decision-making, Harvard Business Review Farquhar, P.H., 1984, Utility assessment methods, Management Science, 30, pp12831300 Feldman, M.A., and March, J.G., 1981, Informat...
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