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Unformatted text preview: uencing capital budgeting decisions for multi-national companies in the 1980s, Management International Review, 23 (3), pp61-72 Stonehill, A.I., and Nathanson, L., 1968, Capital budgeting and the multinational corporation, California Management Review, Summer, pp39-54 Swalm, R.O., 1966, Utility Theory – Insights into Risk Taking, Harvard Business Review, November-December, pp123-136 The Economist (US), 1998, Oil industry: The decade’s worst stocks , volume 349, issue 8097, pp73-74 The Economist, 1996, From major to minor, volume 339, number 7966, May 18 th, pp63-65 Thomas, H., and Samson, D., 1986, Subjective aspects of the art of decision analysis: exploring the role of decision analysis in decision structuring, decision support and policy dialogue, Journal of Operational Research Society, 37, pp249-265 Thompson, J., 1967, Organisations in action, McGraw Hill, New York Tocher, K.D., 1978, Viewpoints, Journal of Operational Research Society, 29, pp179182 Tocher, K.D., 1977, Planning Systems, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, A287, pp425-441 Tocher, K.D., 1976, Notes for discussion on “control”, Operational Research Quarterly, 27 pp231-239 Trigeorgis, L, 1996, Real Options: Managerial Flexibility and Strategy in Resource Allocation, Massachusetts Inst. of Technology Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts Tversky, A. and Kahneman, D., 1981, The framing of decisions and the psychology of choice, Science, 211, pp453-458 Tversky, A. and Kahneman, D., 1974, Judgement Under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases, Science, 185, pp1124-1131 Uliva, J.W., 1987, Post Automation (Zip+4) Technology: A Decision Analysis, Interfaces, 72 (2), pp1-12 United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association, 2000a, The Origins of Oil and Gas, United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association, 2000b, Current Reserves and Projected Life, http:/// 239 United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association, 2000c Economic Contribution 1999, Van de Ven, A., H., 1992, Suggestions for Studying Strategy Process: A research note, Strategic Management Journal, volume 13, pp169-188 Van de Vliet, A., 1997, The new balancing act, Management Today, July, p78 Venkatraman, N., and Ramanujam, V., 1987, Measurement of Business Economic Performance: an examination of Method Convergence, Journal of Management, 13(1), pp109-122 Von Neumann, J., and Morgenstern, O., 1947, Theory of games and economic behaviour, 1st edition, Princeton Von Neumann, J., and Morgenstern, O., 1947, Theory of games and economic behaviour, 2nd edition, Princeton Von Winterfeldt, D.V., 1980, Structuring decision Problems for Decision Analysis, Acta Psychologica, 45, pp73-93 Wald, A., 1964, Statistical decision functions, Wiley, New York Watson P., 1998, A process for estimating geological risk of petroleum exploration prospects, Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association Journal, p577 – 583. 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