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109 may 2008 paris institute for security studies

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Unformatted text preview: 08), “Russia and Norway: ancient neighbours and future competitors in Polar waters,” Limes, April. Clausewitz, General Claus (1813/71), Vom Kriege, Hinterlassenes Werk, Berlin, Vier Falken Verlag. Eikeland, Per Ove (2007), Policy-utvikling i EU på olje- og gassområdet, Fridtjov Nansens Institutt. Available on: www.refleks/ innspill/energi/eikeland. Giraud, André and Xavier Boy de la Tour (1987), Géopolitique du pétrole et du gaz, Paris, Editions Technip. Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2007), “High Stakes in the High North. Russian-Norwegian Relations and their Implications for the EU,” Russie. Nei. Visions, No. 25, Paris, IFRI, Russia/NIS Center. Gore, Al (1992/2008), Earth in the Balance. Forging a New Common Purpose, London, Earthscan. Knutsen, Torbjørn L., Gunnar M. Sørbø and Svein Gjerdåker (1995), Norges utenrikspolitikk, Chr. Michelsens Institutt, Cappelen Akademisk Forlag. Nell, Edward and Willi Semmler (2007), “The Iraq War and the World Oil Economy,” Constellations,...
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