2 lomonosov ridge russia argues that this underwater

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Unformatted text preview: urrent problems. UN control over the Arctic could be the best solution. Norway is again confronting the same challenge as with Svalbard. 66 USA Geological Survey. Available on: <www.usgs.gov>. Artur Tsjilingarov: “Die Arktis war immer russisch und bleibt russisch” (“Arctic was Russian and it will always be Russian”), Vladimir Putin: “… solche Expeditionen sind nicht nur für die Wissenschaft wichtig, sondern auch geopolitisch, vom Standpunkt der Interessen Russlands in diesem Teil der Welt” (“… these kinds of expeditions are important not only for the science, but also geopolitically, from the point of view of Russia’s interests in this part of the world”), Der Spiegel, No. 23, 2008, p. 109. 67 52 © Ifri F. Harbo / The European Gas and Oil Market Map 5. The Arctic challenge 1. North Pole: Russia leaves its flag on the seabed, 4,000 m (13,100 ft) beneath the surface, as part of its claims on oil and gas reserves. 2. Lomonosov Ridge: Russia argues that this underwater feature is an extension of its continental t...
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