23 the new company has more than 30 years of

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Unformatted text preview: 1990-06-29 No. 50: Lov om produksjon, omforming, overføring, omsetning, fordeling og bruk av energi m.m. (energiloven) (Law on production, transformation, trade, distribution and use of energy [Energy Law]). Available on: <www.lovdata.no/all/hl19900629-050.html>. 27 © Ifri F. Harbo / The European Gas and Oil Market oil and gas division to its larger Norwegian rival Statoil.23 The new company has more than 30 years of experience on the Norwegian continental shelf and it is today the largest operator on it, accounting for 60% of total production. It is the world's largest underwater operator, active in waters more than 100 metres deep. The company is a world leader in carbon capture and storage and a leading player in sub-sea development. It operates 39 producing oil and gas fields. Its daily oil and gas production averages more than 1.7 million bpd. It is the biggest seller of oil products in Scandinavia and one of the world's largest crude oil and gas suppliers. StatoilHydro is the second largest sup...
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