26 the worlds largest gas field will be constructed

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Unformatted text preview: d 42% of its natural gas imports. Gazprom affirmed in a statement that the first shipments of Stockman gas would be made in 2013, when production would reach 23.7 billion cubic metres. The field is projected to have an active life of more than 50 years, with gas output peaking at some 97 billion cubic metres for 25 years, according to ZAO Sevmorneftegaz, the Gazprom-controlled company that owns the license to the field.26 The world’s largest gas field will be constructed in a record period. In September 2008, construction should begin in order to deliver the first gas by 2013 and LNG by 2014.27 The second stage is 2016 and the third one by 2020. More than 40 Norwegian companies are established in Murmansk. First, a pipeline will be built from the Kola Peninsula to the Russian Baltic coast. The gas from Stockman will be directed through the Nord Stream pipeline to Greifswald in North Germany. Then, a LNG plant will be built in the village of Teriberka, northwest of Murmansk. The whole project is, however, very demanding. There is also alarming news concerning this project. Gazprom, StatoilHydro and Total co...
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