35 statoilhydro has decided to build the worlds first

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Unformatted text preview: ke fish. The expected developments seem to be as follows: production starts-up at Tordis IOR, Njord Gas, Volve and Marimba; production ramp-ups at Snøhvit and Ormen Lange and restarts at Kvitebjørn. StatoilHydro also has a new plan for the development and operation of the Troll field in order to ensure the long-term management of the oil and gas reserves in Norway’s largest gas field. It has to improve oil recovery on Troll West, while providing for continuation of the current gas export capacity from Troll East of 120 million standard cubic metres per day.35 StatoilHydro has decided to build the world’s first full scale floating wind turbine, Hywind, and test it over a two-year period offshore Karmøy. The company is investing approximately NOK 400 million. Planned start-up is autumn 2009.36 33 Oil Voice. Available on: <www.oilvoice.com>, July 4, 2008. Barents Observer. Available on: <www.barentsobserver.com/resourcesworth-12-5-billion-eur-in-lofoten.4476512-16178.html> 21.04.08. 35 Oil Voice. Available on: <www.oilvoice.com>, June 27, 2008. 36 StatoilHydro. Available on: 34 <www.statoilhydro.com/en/NewsAndMedi...
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