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Unformatted text preview: ill be a critical factor for the production level. Norwegian petroleum reserves According to the US Geological Service,13 from the 1690 billion barrels of the world’s undiscovered energy resources, 440 milliard barrels (26%) are in the Arctic. From them, 187 billion are oil and the rest natural gas. 57% is in northwestern Russia (250 billion barrels) and the rest is in the eastern side of Barents Sea and Timan/Pechora. However, such strategically disputed regions, like the Barents Sea (South and North Barents Sea), the northern part of Kara Sea between Novaja Zemlja and Franz Josef Land, the regions around Spitsbergen and the North Pole, are not mentioned in the report. This could mean that the total reserves in several parts of the Arctic, which either belong to or neighbour Norway, could be much more significant. The region between West Siberia and Spitsbergen could have much greater reserves than Saudi Arabia (250 billion barrels) has. This again explains the big powers’ interest in the region. The total oil resources on the Norwe...
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