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59 ifri f harbo the european gas and oil market wind

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Unformatted text preview: ive opposition from established interests. In this situation it seems imperative to find ways and means that offer prospects for sustainable development and that avoid unnecessary risks. In order to make technological change sustainable, innovation alone is not sufficient. Changes in society, such as users’ practices, regulation and industrial networks are inevitable. Norway has the experience and the means to make a contribution in this area. It can, for example: apply new innovation theories in order to develop an industry that is adapted to the energy-related needs of the future; develop strategic mechanisms able to cope with the "Post-Petroleum" challenges, taking into consideration the rapid decline in Norwegian oil production since 2000, as well as the global "Peak Oil" problem; research and invest in the area of offshore windpower and its impact on energy-intensive industry. Today’s technology makes the running expenses of offshore windpower far greater t...
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