Autumn floods generally result in an increase before

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Unformatted text preview: stations, which resulted in better utilisation of existing power stations. Hydropower generation can vary substantially from one year to another, depending on precipitation and inflow. Precipitation levels vary between regions, between seasons and between years. Inflow is high during the spring thaw, but normally decreases during summer and towards autumn. Autumn floods generally result in an increase before the onset of winter, when inflow is normally very low. The spring flood comes later in inland regions and in the mountains than near the coast and in lowland areas. Precipitation varies substantially from year to year and is more than twice as high in the wettest years as in the driest ones. Many power plants can store water in reservoirs and are referred to as reservoir power plants. The reservoirs allow water to be retained in flood periods and released in drought periods, typically in the winter. Water is collected in the reservoirs when inflow is high and consumption low. Normally, water will be drawn off during autumn and winter, when electricity demand is the highest. In spring and summer, electricity...
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