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But it will however be the main exporter for europe

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Unformatted text preview: majority of these countries import energy from Russia for historical and geographical reasons. Russia sees its energy wealth as a very significant factor in world economic development and modernisation, where it has great power. It is, therefore, naive to think that Russia will give up its power position by opening up its gas fields for the EU and reorganising its pipeline systems in order to open up “motorways” for the EU. This is something that Russia cannot even make its own companies do with their pipelines. Russia possesses the largest world gas resources – 47.82 trillion cubic metres – and is the largest gas exporter. It is the second oil producer and exporter after Saudi Arabia. Russia expects to export its oil resources mainly towards North and East Asia, and its gas exports between Europe and Asia by 2025. But it will however, be the main exporter for Europe through use of its political power. Russia is also one of the biggest energy consumers in the world. Energy demand will increase in...
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