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Unformatted text preview: NOK 13 billion will be used in the state budget. The rest goes directly to the Oil Fund – The Government Pension Fund-Global. This Fund has evolved in recent years into one of the world's largest pension funds. The Fund has attracted interest also because of its stated policies of ethical investments and its efforts to be critical of companies that do not comply with the Norwegian government’s policy. The long-term project plans to use the Fund’s money to pay the pensions and other state expenses starting in 2020, when the number of pensioners in Norway will greatly increase. High oil and gas prices increase interest in searching for new resources. At the same time, the leading parties are facing challenges from the Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs, the Institute of Marine Research and other environmental organizations such as Bellona,75 which are concerned that the search for new oil and gas resources could harm the sea and marine life.76 The NOK 108 billion invested in oil in 2007 should increase to NOK 120 billion in 2008. This investment will provide for income, new production locations, sh...
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