But the situation is not yet so bright the new eu

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Unformatted text preview: foreign countries (which are renewable energy certificates that are available to producers of renewable energy). Even if the price is quite low today, the market is still in development and the Norwegian wind power proprietors see, by selling such guarantees of origin, a future “gold mine” in Norway. If Norwegian energy producers continue to sell the guarantees of origin for a year of Norwegian hydropower production, billions will come in. And if the payment willingness for a guarantee of origin increases by 20%, this translates into increased revenue per year of about NOK 7.5 billion going directly into the pockets of Norwegian hydropower producers. But the situation is not yet so bright. The new EU directive for renewable energy suggests that a power plant established before the directive comes into force in 2010 does not have the right to export guarantees of origin. Thus, Norwegian hydropower producers risk being excluded from that market. But the new “gold mine” has another aspect. Investing more money in old power plants does not lead to more engagement for renewable energy production, s...
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