Changes in society such as users practices regulation

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Unformatted text preview: nce the region has huge oil wealth. In return, the region could pledge to supply oil and gas at reliable prices for the foreseeable future, allowing a more gradual and less disruptive transition to other energy sources (Nell, Semmler, 2007: 580). Norway could also provide an example here. If Western companies would invest their best technological skills and expertise, the revenues from oil sales would be partially used for repaying the “Marshal Plan” loans and would partially go into a Development Fund, such as was the case with Norway77 and Alaska. The Development Fund would be devoted exclusively to social infrastructure, public utilities, education, health, etc. The present oil crisis, when oil approached USD130/barrel in May 2008 (13 times more expensive than 10 years ago, when it was at USD 10/barrel), requires concrete action. There is an urgent need to influence both the speed and direction of innovation and technological change. But innovation involves deep changes and meets intens...
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