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Depending on which activity is being pursued the

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Unformatted text preview: t would be theoretically possible to exchange almost 20 TWh per year between Norway and neighbouring countries. A new interconnector between the Netherlands and Norway was put into place at the end of 2007. Owners and organization in the electric power sector The electric power supply sector is organised in various ways around electricity generation, transmission and trading activities. Depending on which activity is being pursued, the companies can be designated as generating companies, network companies, power suppliers or vertically integrated companies. In some cases, they are described collectively as energy utilities. In addition, some companies are brokers or traders of electricity contracts. As of 2006, a total of 345 companies carried out one or several of these activities. Of these, 84 companies have trading as their only activity, 47 are pure network companies, and 47 are engaged solely in generation. The remaining 167 companies have two or several activities within generation, trading and/or networks. Table 1 shows companies’ ownership. 232 are wholly or partly owned by local authorities, and 1...
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