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Despite the success wind power covers only 07 of

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Unformatted text preview: double the present day production of renewable energy during the next 20 years. 1400 TWh is a reality, but today it stands at just 125 TWh.38 It is not possible to store wind and sun energy at the same time, therefore the wind will be used when it is available and water when necessary. The Norwegian water deposit is one of the best stores in the world and water can also be pumped back into the deposit. Investments in wind power have increased by 30% every half a year for the last 10 years. The results are evident only in some countries such as Denmark (16%), Spain (8%) and Germany (5%). Despite the success, wind power covers only 0,7% of energy demand at the global scale.39 The Norwegian-Danish Force Technology is currently launching a new type of liquid sea windmill, which could be placed anywhere from 40 metres depth and above.40 The Norwegian Statkraft is becoming more and more internationalised in its hydropower policy. It is the leading producer of renewable energy in Europe, administrating 135...
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