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Efficient exploitation of the existing gas transport

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Unformatted text preview: not itself invest in infrastructure. Therefore, the independent operator of the gas transport system ensures that all users of the system are treated equally, both in regard to making use of the system and in the consideration of capacity increases. This is necessary in order to ensure efficient exploitation of resources on the continental shelf. Efficient exploitation of the existing gas transport system may also contribute to the reduction, or postponement of the need for new investments. Gassled The transport system for Norwegian gas, i.e., pipelines and terminals, is mainly owned by the Gassled partnership.18 Gassled encompasses all rich and dry gas facilities that are currently in use or that are planned to be used by parties other than the owners (third party access). New pipelines and transport-related facilities are intended to be included in Gassled from the time they are used by third parties, and are thus part of the central upstream gas transport system. Common ownership of the transport system ensures that the gas is transported as efficiently as possible. The greatest value is produced when conflicts of interest about wh...
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