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Even though norway had proclaimed sovereignty over

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Unformatted text preview: authorised to award licences for exploration and production. That same year, companies had the possibility to carry out preparatory exploration. The licences included rights to perform seismic surveys, but not drilling. Even though Norway had proclaimed sovereignty over large offshore areas, some important clarifications remained on how to divide the continental shelf, primarily with Denmark and Great Britain. Agreements on dividing the continental shelf in accordance with the median line principle were reached in March 1965. A first licensing round was announced on April 13, 1965. 22 production licences for a total of 78 blocks were awarded to oil companies or groups of companies. The production licences gave exclusive rights for exploring, drilling, and production in the licence area. The first well was drilled in the summer of 1966, but it was dry. Photo 1. Ekofisk area Source: Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. With the Ekofisk discovery on December 23, 1969,7 the Norwegian oil adventure really began. The Norwegians called the oil discovery a...
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