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From 2009 the fund will be able to possess 10 of any

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Unformatted text preview: ice is normally based on a reference price in the spot market. The price of oil from the British Brent field is a reference for crude oil from the North Sea 15 As far as the situation looks now, Norway is going to possess 1% of the European actions, says the director of the Government Pension Fund-Global, Yngve Slyngstad. From 2009, the Fund will be able to possess 10% of any company (see: Aftenposten, January 30, 2008, p. 2). 16 © Ifri F. Harbo / The European Gas and Oil Market basin. The different oil types are often marketed together as a blend, out of commercial and technical considerations. Both oil quality and flexibility as regard to loading and storage influence the actual sale price. The Norwegian authorities stipulate a norm price based on the companies' sales, which is used in the calculation of the petroleum tax. Most oil companies on the Norwegian continental shelf are parts of corporations with a diversified global business portfolio. Produced petroleum is, therefore, largely sold to associated companies. It can often be a difficult task for the petroleum tax authorities to assess whether pr...
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