Harbo the european gas and oil market annex 1 52 apa

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Unformatted text preview: 8: <www.worldenergyoutlook.org/>. OPEC: <www.opec.org/home>. IEA Country Report – Russia: <www.iea.org/textbase/country/n_country.asp?COUNTRY_COD E=RU>. BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2007: <www.finfacts.ie/irelandbusinessnews/publish/article_10 10328.shtml>. 63 © Ifri F. Harbo / The European Gas and Oil Market US Geological Service: <www.usgs.gov/>. Закрытое Акционерное Общество «Севморнефтегаз»: <www.sevmorneftegaz.ru>. Российское газовое общество: <www.gazo.ru>. The Oil Drum: Europe: <europe.theoildrum.com/story/2006/9/22/95855/4850>. Barents Observer : <www.barentsobserver.com>. Oil Voice: <www.oilvoice.com>. Nordic Netproducts: <www.nordicnet.net/>. United Nations Radio: <www.unmultimedia.org/radio>. Der Spiegel: <www.spiegel.de> 64 © Ifri F. Harbo / The European Gas and Oil Market List of abbreviations APA Awards in Predefined Areas BASREC Baltic Sea Region Energy Cooperation bpd Barrels per day EEA European Economic Area EEC European Economic Community EFTA European Free Trade Association EU European Union EUR Euro GDP Gross Domestic Product GHG Greenhouse gas GWh Gigawatt hour IEA Internationa...
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