Harbo the european gas and oil market based on tangle

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Unformatted text preview: a raw material for bioethanol. Norway has worked during the last 35 years in this area and harvests amount to 170,000 tonnes of tangle annually. But in order to produce bioethanol out of tangle, one cannot just harvest it; there is a need for cultivation. To cultivate tangle, one needs nitrogen and sollys. There is enough nitrogen in its natural form in the sea. The production of bioethanol 44 Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. Available on: <www.regjeringen.no/nb/dep>. 45 Norwegian Government. Available on: <www.regjeringen.no/nb/dep/oed/dok /rapporter_planer/rapporter/2008/strategi-for-okt-utbyggingav-bioenergi.html?id=505401>, April 1, 2008. 37 © Ifri F. Harbo / The European Gas and Oil Market based on tangle is CO2 neutral. Japan and Denmark already have plans to produce bioethanol out of tangle. Japan has the intention to produce raw material for bioethanol, which will constitute one-third of the fuel used in the country. Norway has the entire necessary infrastr...
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