However norway works very closely with other actors

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Unformatted text preview: it is very important to see how the EU energy policy (revealed in the Green Paper A European Strategy for Sustainable, Competitive and Secure Energy in 2006 and strategically revised as An Energy Policy for Europe in January 2007, which should end up as part of an “energy law” in 2008/2009) influences Norwegian interests and how Norway should react to EU policy development in the area of oil and gas. About 80% of oil produced in Norway is delivered to the EU market and almost all Norwegian gas is delivered through gas pipelines to Europe. Today Norway delivers natural gas to Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Denmark and Great Britain. Some in Norway even think that because of its oil and gas resources Norway does not need the world. However, Norway works very closely with other actors in Europe and around the world, such as the EU. Norway is a part of the common energy market through the EEA Agreement and cooperates directly with...
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