In 1977 norway established a regulated fishery in a

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Unformatted text preview: hipelago of Spitsbergen (now called Svalbard) an overseas part of the Kingdom of Norway (Article 1).62 The Treaty came into power on August 14, 1925.63 It was a deal between Russia and Norway. The Norwegians recognised the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union recognised the Svalbard Treaty. Norway then took over sovereign governorship and immediately enacted a series of environmental protection measures. However, as part of the compromise between the signatories, despite Norwegian sovereignty, not all Norwegian laws are applied. The Treaty only partly demilitarises Svalbard. All signatories were given equal rights to engage in commercial activities (mainly coal mining) on the islands. Currently (as of 2007), Norway and Russia are both utilising this right. There has been a long-running dispute, primarily between Norway and the Soviet Union (and now Russia) over fishing rights in the region. In 1977, Norway established a regulated fishery in a 200-nautical-mile (370 km) zone around Svalbard (though it did not close the zone to foreign access). Norway argues that the Treaty's provisions of equal ec...
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