In cases where major developments are considered this

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Unformatted text preview: coordination and 17 Gassco. Available on: <>. 20 © Ifri F. Harbo / The European Gas and Oil Market administration of transport from the fields to the receiving terminals), allocation of capacity and development of the transport system. Gassco is contributing to the comprehensive development of Norwegian gas infrastructure. In cases where major developments are considered, this means that gas in addition to those fields that trigger transport needs has to be taken into consideration. Further development of gas infrastructure takes place in a manner that is expedient for the existing gas infrastructure on the Norwegian continental shelf. A neutral company ensures that equal consideration is given to all parties involved in the submission of development alternatives for infrastructure, as well as the exploitation of economics of scale. Gassco’s task is to coordinate the processes for further development of the upstream network of gas pipelines, and to assess the need for such further development. Gassco recommends solutions, but does...
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