In combined cycle power plants steam turbines are

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Unformatted text preview: k-load power. Running costs are relatively high. Plants of this type are currently found on fixed installations in the North Sea. Electricity generation in gas turbines also produces heat. Combined cycle gas turbine stations and cogeneration plants (combined heat and power) use this heat, making them considerably more efficient than simplecycle gas turbine units. In combined cycle power plants, steam turbines are used to generate electricity from the waste heat given off by the gas turbines. When used together, these turbines can give a net efficiency for electricity generation of up to 60%. A cogeneration facility produces both electricity and heat, for space heating for example. Surplus heat from steam turbines or in gas turbine exhaust fumes is carried to a heat distribution system. A cogeneration plant generates less electricity than a combined cycle gas turbine plant for the same level of gas consumption. However, it converts a larger proportion, over 80%, of the energy content of the gas to usab...
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