In some years these guarantees of origin can bring in

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Unformatted text preview: istry of Petroleum and Energy in questions relating to energy efficiency and new renewable energy. The goal of Enova is to attain 3TWh wind capacity by 2010. Starting in 2001, Enova has supported 10 power plants with an early contract production of 1,4 TWh. In order to achieve the final goal, there is a need of 1,6 TWh more.42 Only 80% of energy produced in Norway in 2007 is from hydropower. It represents 11% less than in 2005, according to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate.43 In 2007, Norwegian hydropower producers earned NOK 26 million on the sale of so-called guarantees of origin to foreign traders. In some years, these guarantees of origin can bring in billions of NOK. Brussels is following this process very attentively and is developing a system that would revise the guarantees of origin for Norwegian hydropower projects. 41 Available on: <>. Enova. Available on: <>,...
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