Norway is not only oil and gas norway is the 4th most

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Unformatted text preview: rogress on electricity and gas interconnections. Environmental issues on the agenda include energy efficiency, climate change, and renewable energies, such as bioenergy. Norway is also a member of the Arctic Energy Agenda. A round table of political and industrial decision-makers from Norway, Russia, the US and the EU was launched on July 7, 2005. The Arctic region is believed to be one of the most important remaining petroleum regions, with the marine environment being a particular challenge to the development of industrial activities in the Arctic. Norway has a High North strategy with the aim of strengthening cooperation across national borders and helping to increase a transfer of expertise between countries. A focused, long-term effort in the High North will also have positive effects on remote areas. Norway is not only oil and gas. Norway is the 4th most important import market for EU (27) exports with USD 79.02 billion in 2006, after China, the US and Russia, and the 7th export market with USD 38.06 billion, after the US, Switzerland, Russia, China, Turkey and Japan. Thus, Norway's trade surplus with the EU is at USD 40.96 billion. Exports from the EU to Norway are mainly manufactured products, which made up 6...
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