Norwegian gas production is almost entirely exported

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Unformatted text preview: stment in EU infrastructures (transmission/ distribution).73 This is, however, in contradiction with the EU’s intensions (cessation of take-or-pay contracts and vertical disintegration in order to facilitate liberalisation). A second priority for Norway is a liberalized market, where all actors are equal, including Russia. As long as Russian interests (together with German and French) defensively pressure the EU towards the liberalisation of the gas market, it is evident that Norway will wish to negotiate with the EU over compensations in other related areas. Norway could, for example, aim for greater understanding of Norwegian special measures in important related areas for Norway (e.g. reversion), showing that the result here is less important for the EU liberalisation project than for the development of the gas market, where Norway already gave up its edge. Such issuecouplings could also be developed in other strategic areas for Norway and the EU. Norway’s position might appear too aggressive here, since it seems as though the EU ma...
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