European Gas and Oil market

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Unformatted text preview: encroachment and Norway is not (yet) experiencing an energy crisis. Norway has already planned 130 projects. 17 have begun their activities. 11 are directed by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.44 Biofuel is very à la mode today The only problem is that to produce it, one has to use resources such as corn and rapeseed, which could otherwise be used for food. The Norwegian Government wants to increase by up to 7% the total volume of biofuel used by 2010. Recently, because of the world food crisis, the government has begun to revise this goal, but the need for biofuel will in any case increase over the next few years because of the need to reduce CO2 emissions. On April 1, 2008, the government presented its “Strategy for Increased Expansion of Bioenergy.”45 It says that second generation biofuels will not be produced from food, but from food waste, forestry rests, cow pat, rot, etc. There is also a big potential in marine resources, like algae and tangle. Sea tangle could be used as...
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