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Petroleum resources in the high north are very

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Unformatted text preview: the EU in several areas of energy policy. Both the gas directive and the electricity directive are implemented in Norway on the basis of the EEA Agreement. The gas market directive gives common rules for the transport, distribution, delivery and storage of natural gas. The electricity directive includes common rules for the internal electricity market, and electricity production, transmission and distribution through the electric supply means. Norway also implements EU laws on energy efficiency and renewable energy. The exploration for energy resources in the High North and Barents Sea are included within the framework of the Energy Dialogue. The Northern Dimension of the EU intended to develop a Northern policy, but was directed more towards the Baltic region, than to the High North in general. Petroleum resources in the High North are very important for the EU, but Russia, is of course, the main partner. However, cooperation with Norway could also be significant, at least as far as supplies from the Norwegian continental shelf...
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