Public finances are boosted by significant revenues

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Unformatted text preview: Norwegian economy is very sound.2 Real incomes are among the highest in the world; employment is high and unemployment low. Public finances are boosted by significant revenues from the petroleum sector. Other traditional economic activities are fisheries and fish farming (the Norwegian economic zone – 1,979,179 km2 – is one of the biggest in the world for fish production) and shipping (Norway has the fourth largest fleet in the world), etc. Growth in the North is much higher than in the whole of Europe. The North is characterised by significant energy resources, and new markets, like Russia, are growing. The modern metropolis of St. Petersburg is becoming a competitor to London and Berlin. This has economic consequences on the whole region and for Norway in particular. Norway is territorially, politically, economically, and culturally a part of Europe. There are grosso modo three myths about the Norwegian society. The United Nations (UN) used to confirm that Norway is the best country in the world t...
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