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That is why the russian authorities project in the

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Unformatted text preview: any will install the cleaning technology as announced. It has been promising to do just that for almost 20 years now. Despite its multi-billion dollar net profits, it has failed to help the local environment and the local population, both suffering severely from heavy sulphur dioxide emissions. Norway cannot continue to give its millions to the Russian billionaires. This is not at all a “little local problem”; it is a big environmental problem in the North and a challenge for Norwegian-Russian relations. The Norwegian Foreign Minister announced on June 18, 2008 that Norilsk Nickel would be closed by 2011.69 Russia considers that “the real problem is not Russia’s use of its energy supplies as a weapon to achieve political dominance, which is an oversimplified reading of the Kremlin’s clumsily executed, but essentially rational policies, but rather the risk that Gazprom may not be physically able to satisfy Europe’s needs and honour its contracts” (Trenin, 2008: 136). That is why the Russian authorities project in the...
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