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The us also boycotted european firms supplying

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Unformatted text preview: an countries from completing a notable gas contract with the Soviet Union in 1982, the US introduced a ban on all American exports to firms supporting the project. The US also boycotted European firms supplying equipment. The Americans claimed that if Western Europe became too dependent on Soviet gas, one might come under pressure in a future political crisis if the Soviets turned off the taps to stop the energy supply. The USA urged Norway to increase its gas exports as a substitute for Soviet gas. Norway, on the other hand, maintained that gas production could not be increased as quickly as desired. This was due to the long time lags between the adoption of a field development decision and when actual production could begin. The Norwegians also wanted, in case development should be accelerated, a “price premium” to justify an action that otherwise would have been different. From that time on, Norway was an active part of European energy geopolitics. Norway’s co-operation and contact with the EU cover most of the EU’s spheres of activity. The Norwegian Prime Minister and many of the other ministers meet twice a year with their res...
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