The economic profit resulting from the producer going

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Unformatted text preview: elations with other countries. The oversupply of natural gas in a liberalised market would not be in Norway’s interest. An unfavourable development in market liberalisation and increased natural gas excise taxes could lead to lower profits for producers and increase uncertainty as far as long-term investments are concerned. The economic profit resulting from the producer going directly to the Norwegian treasury becomes a conflict of concern for the Norwegian Government. Therefore, it is very important for Norway to follow the development of production in other gas exporting countries. It is a matter of high security. This could also lead to international conflicts. There is a need for strategic defence capabilities in order to not lose control over the Norwegian energy policy. The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy plays an important role in establishing transport capacity and increasing system capacity. It is important to ensure efficient operation, including achieving economies of scale. Norwegian gas is mainl...
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