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The energy policy in the eu was very much influenced

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Unformatted text preview: gy mix. These processes are important not only to Norwegian and European economic interests and trade, but also for diplomatic, foreign and security policies. Control over oil and gas is not just economics, but also geopolitics, diplomacy and even military power. The very important question today is who will hold it? European integration actually started with energy. However, the energy issue became more politicised only when Europe faced its first oil crisis in 1973-1974, when the international demand for oil started to exceed supply and OPEC increased crude oil prices to USD 12/barrel.48 The Arab oil embargo was a signal for the urgent need for European cooperation on the subject of energy policy. The energy policy in the EU was very much influenced in the 1990s by the process of liberalisation and the establishment of an internal free trade market for oil and gas. Developments in the 2000s integrated some other issues such as continuously high pressure in the liberalisation of oil and gas markets, but with a more pronounced focus...
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