The government also gives a high priority to co

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Unformatted text preview: pective counterparts in the country holding the EU presidency, and meetings at the political level are held regularly with the European Commission and the European Parliament. The government also gives a high priority to co-operation in the Nordic, Barents, Baltic and North Sea regions. Norway, as is the case with many other countries, is meeting the challenges of globalisation, situated in a strategic triangle between the US, the EU and Russia. An economically powerful China is also of strategic 3 Norwegian Government. Available on: < Europaportalen/Norways-relations-with-Europe.html?id=115260>. 5 © Ifri F. Harbo / The European Gas and Oil Market importance for Norway. Access to strategic resources is very important for the development and the social stability of a country. Norway is very much following the idea of Claus von Clausewitz on “the logic of strategy with the grammar of commerce” (Clausewitz, 1813/1871). At the same time, Norway does not want to become a member of the EU. When the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, v...
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