The pipelines from norway are organised through

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Unformatted text preview: e ventures in countries such as Egypt, Mexico, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The company has processing plants in Belgium, Denmark, France and Germany. StatoilHydro is involved in a number of pipelines, including Zeepipe, Statpipe, Europipe I and Europipe II, and Franpipe from the Norwegian continental shelf to Western Europe in addition to the BakuTbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline in Central Asia. The pipelines from Norway are organised through Gassled. The company has trading offices for crude oil, refined petroleum products and natural gas liquids in London, Stamford and Singapore. The company operates three brands of fuel stations: Statoil, Hydro and 1-2-3. StatoilHydro operates petrol station services in Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sweden. Some fully automated stations are branded 1-2-3. In Sweden, the company also operates Hydro stations. In total, StatoilHydro has about 2,000 fuelling stations. StatoilHydro is also a significant provider of electri...
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