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There are three central instruments in the norwegian

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Unformatted text preview: to reap the benefits of increased competition downstream. Generally, free competition between companies operating on the Norwegian continental shelf could contribute to a larger supply of natural gas on the market in the short and medium term with pressure pushing prices down, as compared to a situation that regulates the total supply of gas. There are three central instruments in the Norwegian gas transport system: the operator Gassco, the coordinated ownership Gassled, and regulated conditions for access to the transport system. The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy assesses the use of these instruments in connection with the development of new infrastructure and when the use of the existing infrastructure is changed. Gassco Gassco AS17 is the operating company for Gassled, which comprises most of the transport system on the Norwegian continental shelf. Gassco was established in 2001, and is wholly owned by the Norwegian state. Gassco is responsible for operations (the planning, monitoring,...
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