European Gas and Oil market

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Unformatted text preview: n 2007 was just 8 MWh from the total 345 MWh, compared to a 56,535 MWh increase in the EU in the same year. However, Norway has the necessary resources and competency to achieve this goal; research and invest in increased energy efficiency in buildings, by "Green KWh", e.g., improved building insulation, which would reduce the owners’ heating bill and free up an equivalent amount of energy for other uses. In order to meet the currently developing shortage of electric power, gas-fired power plants have been proposed as a solution in Norway (Alfsen, 2008). Much heating of buildings comes from electricity, and a large potential exists for making this electric power available for other uses by finding other ways of keeping buildings warm. Buildings can be heated using bio-energy. Initial calculations indicate that this is both cheaper for consumers and frees up natural gas worth about NOK 1 billion (when compared to a gas-fired power-plant of about 3 TWh). Selling this natural gas, rather than burning it, would pay back modern, efficient technical...
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