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This means that revenues and expenses are posted in

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Unformatted text preview: t fields in the portfolio based on remaining reserves are:8 Troll Ormen Lange Åsgard Heidrun Snøhvit Oseberg Snorre Gullfaks Grane Visund. The SDFI’s accounts are kept on a cash basis in the central government’s budget and accounts. This means that revenues and expenses are posted in the period when they are paid and investment is expensed as incurred. Net cash flow to the SDFI is the difference between 8 Statens direkte økonomiske engasjement (SDØE) (State's Direct Financial Interest [SDFI]), Norwegian Government. Available on: <www.regjeringen.no/nb/dep/oed/tema/Statlig_engasjement_i_pet roleumsvirksomh/statens-direkte-okonomiske-engasjement> 10 © Ifri F. Harbo / The European Gas and Oil Market receipts and outgoings. Net cash flow from the SDFI portfolio is transferred to the Government Pension Fund-Global (formerly the Government Petroleum Fund). In 2007, net cash flow from the SDFI portfolio was NOK 111.2 billion. Total revenues were NOK 162.9 billion, and costs were NOK 52.8 billion. Estimated net cash flows for 2008 are...
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