Thus norway has on average been a net importer ever

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Unformatted text preview: he price during the contract period, even if the market prices change. In 2006, 16.8% of household customers had this type of contract. International electric power trading Norway was traditionally a net exporter of electric power. However, in the late 1990s consumption of electricity rose faster than the power supply, as hydropower development has been limited in recent times. Thus, Norway has on average been a net importer ever since. In certain years, however, high precipitation and inflow to reservoirs can result in exports exceeding imports. For example, Norwegian net power exports totalled 9.7 TWh in 2002, while Norway had a net import situation in the following year that amounted to 7.8 TWh. In 2005, the net export was around 12.2 TWh.21 International electric power trading is determined by generating and consumption patterns in each country, in addition to the capacity on the interconnectors and the conditions for their use. The motive for power trading is the opportunities it offers countries to derive mutual benefit from differences in national generating...
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